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Home from my adventures!

16 june: stockholm
Elli was unfortunately sick but I met my friend Ulla who works at the royal dramatic theater!
I visited beyond retro (actually for the first time)and OMG CAN I MOVE IN?!
Back on the airport I met a Japanese guy who also was on his way to MetalTown. He had went alone all the way from Osaka! He was really cool! :D
In Gothenburg I met up with my lovely friend Linzie and we went to her friend Larry too sleep!

17 june: MetalTown
Breakfast was watermelon on the floor in a shopping mall... XD Then I said goodbye to Linzie and headed to the festival. On the way there I made friends with two girls who also had been at UppCon11. I came too late to se Escape the Fate but honestly I don't mind. I haven't listened to them since their previous vocalist left. I met up with Hanna and Sonny, did not however see my cousins anywhere.

Me and Hanna.
I met a adorable girl whos name I can't remember. It wasn't Cicci... XD
System of a Down were.. I have no words. Amazing. We were pretty close to the stage but I since that mad concert-pushing started THREE HOURS before the actual concert I left for a more peacful lookout point. Some 200 metres from the stage the ground were still swaying. ♥ a random girl and I grabbed hands and jumped and sang together!
I got a ride home by some wonderful girls who had a tent where they sold synthetic dreads. (I bought 4 candy dreads ♥)

18 - 22 juni
At Lovisas place 8D Right before I arrived she text me and said that she caught a cold but she promised she wouldn't pass it on to me... That didn't go so well...
We watched tons of movies ♥ Amadeus, Tangled, Donnie Darko, Sound of music, Phantom of the opera, Sweeney Todd, Shrek 4, the little mermaid and a really crappy version of beauty and the beast. XD

22 - 24 juni
Short stop in Sundsvall. I bought "pride and prejudice and zombiez" and I love it! Haha, a must-read!






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