Happy new year!

Yesterday my two youngest cousins came visiting us,
they only stayed one night but I'm glad cause it was ages ago since we met last time.

Haha poor Fred, we stole her gameboy XD

Made a new dress,
and I bought the golden shoes for 10 sek/~$2! *__*

Well, happy new year everyone! ♥ :D

Mimmsan - planetary/go

I really want to sing all the time, I love this song, I love music.
But my confidence holds me back. Please don't say I suck, I haven't stated otherwise. I just thougt this might help me to sing more often!

what I got for christmas

This is what my
mom, godmother, mary kay representative, moms friend
gave me for christmas

(gah! I forgot to put the calandar there!)

★godmother: one of the books
★mary kay representative: the lipstick I liked!
★moms friend: wrist warmers

...and everyting else from mom!
I must say the CD, foot E (for sewing machine) and false hair was the best ones! ♥


wearing the salopettes i sewed before christmas~~

hairclip: me
sweater: Cubus
salopette: me
socks: Angelic Pretty

Christmas day

Headbow & dress from Angelic Pretty.
(tights from twilfit, sweater from h&m
and I've made the bloomers myself)

advent christmas tree

I've always wanted a white christmas tree,
and this year I bought an advent christmas tree (It's a start, isn't it?)
Since we only had silvery ornaments I decided to paint them!

Me? Tall?

Today I wore my high waist jeans, a white shirt and had my hair straight in a kind of scene hairstyle.
When I joined my friends again after a chat with our schools librerian, Elina J said "You look tall and confident today!"

I was so happy! OMG! Me, tall?! Confident??
It actually chocked me a bit how happy it made me to be called "tall",
I'm usually the shortest one.

Harry Potter

Today I finally got to see Harry Potter and the deathly hollows pt. 1!
I couldn't afford it since I needed the money for christmas gifts, but mom took pity on me and payed the ticket!

For every HP film I dress up as a caracter!
Last year I cosplayed Draco Malfoy, and this time it was Ginney Weasly!

Haha really crappy pic, but it's the only outfit pic I've got!
My mom sewed the cape when I attended the 3rd or the 4th movie, I can't recall, but anyway I've wore it for every new HP film!

Something I really appreciate with this one
is they had really made sure to try and follow the sequence of events! (something that we who've read the books over and over (... x500) again get ridiculously upset about if they don't)

And haha, I loved "Engorgio! REDUCTIO!!!!!!"

Gifts from Italy!

The package Clara sent me contained:
Chocolate cream with instructions in italian XD
and these lovely earrings!

I absolutely adore these kind of deco roses! ♥


13 december means Lucia!
But I haven't witnessed any procession this year, exept on tv. :(
Though I dressed in white, red and silver glitter to honor her.

I've been told that our friend Clara in italy (who spent one year as an exchange student here in sweden) has sent me a Lucia gift, which apparently is customary over there!
Unfortunetly she who got everyones gifts haven't had time to give me mine yet. XD
But I am really moved. Thank you Clara! ♥

Hope you all had a wonderful day, whether you celebrated Lucia or not!


Haha I look really tall in the pic to the right,
but actually I'm 160 cm! (or 5' 3")

I looove the socks, they're the most comfy and the highest of all my AP socks, so far.
And of course, the dress, the bow... It's unbelievable.

Sugary Carnival

Here it is, I almost can't believe it, my sugary carnival pieces!
It's my first complete set XD
Now, my life is complete, haha!

Ear muffs~~

I love my mum ;*
Today she had these with her when she came home,
oh, I've been craving for them so much!

Bought at Glitter, 99 SEK ~~


Remember that I told you that I've got hold of my dream dress no. 1?

I couldn't resist arranging this photo, with my favourite horse in focus!

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