Here's todays outfit, and YES I do wear converse with lolita.
I got these ones from Elina in my class, and i love them! I don't care about the unwritten rules about dos and dont's. I agree with Saras frequent advice: "make it work!" ;D

My coats

First my "red riding hood" coat, the fur collar on the white one is removable and then my pink bunny coat! ♥




Friday after school I got a package containing BLs "sugary carnival" JSK in pink! *_____* omg! It's unbelievable!

Then I and Elina P went to her place and wached tons of disney movies!
Beautiful pic, right? XD

Saturday Josefin came to me, we impulse dyed her hair pink and planned a mini photo shoot for the next day!
I wore my new BL dress and Josifin borrowed my miracle candy OP.

That afternoon we went to Josefin and choosed one pony each to groom and to braid the mane.
We ended up with Saffron and her foal that I call Milky Berry~~
But Milky Berry is still really shy, so Saffron got most of the attention.

Candy border socks!

Got these today! ♥

OTT sweet items

Two of the four OTT sweet items i've bought are now home! *___* <3

I love the puffy stars! *___*

Package day!

A package arrived a few days ago, containing this!
Coat, violin bag and shoes!

The shoes are too big ;_; (and I, who worried that they might be to small) So now my heels are all sore and aching. :(

I don't know what to call this category of lolita, is it maybe country lolita?

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