Wearing the new socks!

- oh, and I've bleached my bangs!

Package day!

A package containing this just arrived at my doorstep ♥

Sugary Carnival Necklace

Finished this necklace today~~

The Beatles cover

A bit fail, but I didn’t have the patience to do it over and over again 'til fully confident.

It's just another manic Monday

Marry me?

At school we are soon to begin to sew prom dresses,
today we payed a visit to elisabeth victoria for inspiration~~ they sell prom- and wedding dresses

I thought I'd choose a big poofy dress if I were to choose a wedding dress, but oh my... This one.

I've never seen such beautiful pleats, really small at first and then wider and wider...

Well one thing that I'm certain of now is that my prom dress will have a thousand small buttons along the back ♥


Even though I look slightly retarded in this pic... Here is todays outfit!

Sweater: H&M (in kids - boys)
Dress: seriously no idea!
Socks: Angelic pretty

Mimmi-fyed skate shoes




Need I say more? *__*

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