ELF cosmetics

Today I got my ELF makeup!

I bought a mineral concealer, a mineral foundation and a primer.
I couldn't help trying the concealer and foundation at once!
It's absolutely marvelous! You could never tell I'm even wearing makeup if it wasn't for...
Even though I bougt the "fair shade" for porcelain skin and not the regular "light shade" it's too orange.
It even makes me look wierdly tanned. Well, I can wear it now while it's summer, but in the winter it will be far too dark.


sorry for the extreme lack of updates, it's just so much fun going on in my life right now!

Last weekend was the annual woodstock music festival,
I met a lot of old friends and also made some new ones!

Here's a pic from our news papers website... T_T' lucky I'm handsome... EHM.

Here's a pic of me and Josie the second day!

This year the music wasn't very exciting, but oh, the wonderful people really made up for it. ♥

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