Car crash

Camilla and I were on our way to Julia who lives 14 swedish miles away to celebrate Camilla who turned 19 the day before. As you might figure out by the headline it didn't go as planned.
The doctors said we were lucky to even be alive. I got a crack in a bone in my chest (sternum) that will take 8 weeks to heal but other than that we mostly got bruises. 
I don't really want to talk about it.

regular ordinary swedish meal time

Have any of you seen regular ordinary swedish meal time?
My boyfriend and I met hit when we were out on a thai restaurant, epic! 
I poked my boyfriend when I saw him coming through the door and asked
- isn't that him... He from youtube? O_O
my boyfriend slowly stod up and peeked  
- yes it is! O_O
- What are we gonna do?! Should we walk up to him?
-Should we? *trembling* You do it! 
- What should I say?! *trembling*
but then I just stod up and walked up to him.
- is it you who cook brutally?
- yes. 
- can I get a hug? *__*
and then I got a hug and ran back to our table XD
Then I took my boyfriend by the hand and my camera and walked up to him again and asked if we could get a picture, haha! He said yes and his friend took the photo XD

He is really tall... O_O

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