It was my intention to go to a convention in Sundsvall last weekend. It was my intention to stay one night on the way in Härnösand and it was my intention to go home on sunday.

I ended up not going to the convention, in fact, not going to Sundsvall at all. I stayed in Härnösand five nights, until Tuesday, when I went home.

Love struck me, fiercely.


I love my new shirt.
If you know who the man is, I'll love you.

Yesterdays outfit

Mimmis home!

Socks ♥♥♥

Iiiiiih! Look!
I got Nr 2, 3 and 6 Today! *____*

I’m so happy I got hold of the yellow/white candy border (the ones to the right) because they were only avalible in stores i japan and got sold out right away!

My kitten ♥

Here's a vid of my beautiful kitten Socker (Sugar in swedish)
In two weeks he is old enough to come live with me in my apartment!

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