White gothic lolita


Bahytt: Visa har gjort den <3
Hårspännen: H&M
Bolero: Angelic Pretty kopia av Bodyline
Klänning: jag
Strumpbyxor: gina tricot
Sockar: H&M

Idag har jag sett vårens första blommor här i Härnösand och spelat ut Portal 2. :D
Bonnet: Visa made it <3
Hairclips: H&M
Bolero: Angelic Pretty replica by Bodyline
Dress: me
Tights: gina tricot
Socks: H&M

Today I saw springs first flowers here in Härnösand and finished Portal 2. :D

I don't know!

I don't feel at all comfortable at blogspot.com.
I don't know what laguage I should write in either. I thought I just had swedish readers but then I got a really cute comment from someone who doesn't understand swedish and asked me to keep write in english.
I wish I knew where my regular readers are from, would make everything so much easier!
Maybe I'll keep this blog instead, or start a new one here on blogg.se
I don't know!

About the carcrash (Swedish)

Happy white day!

The day that a guy who've recieved something from a girl on valentines day give her something! :>

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