UppCon day 1

I went alone to the queue to hold a place for my traveling companions Maria and her friend,
but as soon as I got sight of the queue I got attacked by some lovely girls that offered me to go stand with them. Unfortunately Maria and her friend did not manage to arrive in time to stand in line with us.

As soon as I entered the convention and had found my friend Lovisa we got interviewed for channel 4.

You can watch the interview here. (in swedish)

The opening in the big hall at 16.00 was absolutely tremendous!
We got to meet the japanese ambassador and his wife.
Then it was dance preformances (including snsds oh dance and caramelldansen)
In the end
we all stood up and sang a somewhat unusual version of the Swedish national anthem... XD

18.00 meant time for the big concert!
I was looking foreward to the opening act Seremedy since
my friends brother plays the guitar.
(It's him to the right)

Then: Versailles

I got at the front of the audience, right in front of Hizaki (again the one to the right) Haha, he and the singer came forward and ruffeled about my hair! XD

Afterwords they signed autographs, me and Lovisa went to talk to some friends far ahead in the line
and all of a sudden the guards began to beckon us forward, we were like "but we-" "come on!" they shouted "otherwise you block the queue!"
So Lovisa and I walked up to them while searching our bags for something they could sign.
I ended up with my mobile case and Lovisa with a receipt.
Haha! Wonderful!

More pics from friday:

Elsa, Emilia, Emma, Ellinor, Liza, Denise and I

Maria as Nana from Elfen Lied

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