My tattoo

So! Now, after two sessions, my tattoo is completed!

Project: Prints - Sugary Carnival

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates,
since it's only two weeks left in upper secondary school I'm very busy!

All students in the final year get 100 hours to charge over and make a optional project based on ones focus.

I and a classmate
made textile printing our project.

This is one of my prints, wich I later sewed a dress of.
I proudly present...
My version of sugary carnival, in mint! XD

snow white

My snow white dress from BTSSB arrived this morning! *___*

minor surgery

Yesterday my toe was aching so much because of a ingrown nail. I called a clinic and they said I could have surgery on monday, but that I could come by so that they could put on bandage.
When I arrived however, they decided to do surgery immediately.
I really hope it heals well so that I don't have to take antibiotics.

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