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Elli inspired me ♥

My new nail polish

Oh, how I love these sparkly rainbow effects~~

The best band in the world.

Mars 18, Stockholm

After 5 years of loving devotion, I'll finally get to see 'em live.

My Chemical Fucking Romance!

Birthday presents - fail

jan 09
I ordered 4 items for my birthday

jan 10
reply: 3 of the items are in stock, one item haven't replied
12 jan
reply: one of the items will take 20 days to make.
jan 13
reply: 2 of the items are sold out, and the 20 days now is 50 days.
jan 14
my birthday

January 14


Trip to Sundsvall with Jossie

After 7 years of commuting between Sundsvall and Skellefteå by bus,
it came as a total surprise to find that the schedule completely.
The bus (which we didn't have to pay for O.o) took us only 1/3 of the way to Sundsvall,
and there we had to wait 2 h for the one that would take us all the way.


We went to a shopping mall with Alex. (the bus guy didn't make it </3)
Alex and I exchanged late christmas gifts
and then all three of us went shopping! I bought this piggy bank,
some pink and frilly underwear and some other things.

After dinner we visited my childhood friend Linn. I got to poke at her dreads for the first time since she had them made and we watched two movies: Beetlejuice and 500 days of summer.


We were supposed to meet Elin downtown and buy some spiders (I bought one for my favourite blogger for christmas) but after lots of trouble we barely had time to buy the spiders.

The bus home, took us 2/3 of the way. Where we had to wait for 45 min.
There sat about 7 others, apart from Jossie and myself, and after a moment of hesitation I asked
- Jacob?
- Mimmi?! He replied.
Haha! It was my cousin!

Candy border

Angelic Prettys socks "candy border" are available in a variety of colours!
As you may know I got one pair, but these following have been my favorites for a while now...
and I finally got hold of them! :D

Skate shooes

I’ll say it again. I don’t care about the unwritten rules.

A few years ago I had shoes like this with zeebra stipes,
I wore them until thay fell apart.
Now I’ve just bought these ones! Can’t wait for ‘em to arrive!
They're bought at junkyard

These ones are on sale, though they are available in max 35.5,
but even if your feet aren't as tiny as mine... There is a great selection to you with normal sized feet! XD

what I got for christmas 2

This is thechristmas gifts my friend gave me!

(I haven't uplode it until now, cause I was hopeing that the one Tim ordered for me would be here now,
but he gives me "the tribe season 4" so it's worth the whait!)
Anyway I'm really happy! Thank you guys! ♥

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