How to coord - Mimmi style!

First off, the word "coord" is short for cordination and is used about putting together an outfit! 
I've gotten a lot of compliments on my "coording skills" so I thought I'd share with you how I plan them! :)

I think I make my best coords when I have an inspiration or a theme, here I'll give you some examples

This is from 2012, my inspiration/theme was yellow!
People say it's a bad idea/hard to coordinate in one color but honestly that is my favourite thing! 
The most common thing I hear about this, is that people say it can only look good if everything is in the same shade, but I don't think so! 
Here I have all kinds of different yellows, the important thing i thing in coording is that you don't have just one odd item that stands out, for example in this coord both my star clip, my jacket and my shoes are quite mismatching bright yellows that would not go well to the dress and socks alone, but works when they're all together. 

My inspiration/theme here was light pink and princess.
Like the yellow coord above, this is a one color coord. 
But here it was a specific shade of the colour, and bringing more bright shades of pink into this coord would work against the "princess" part of my concept. 
As you know I dress in "sweet lolita" but when I have "royal" in mind, to me, it results in an almost "classic lolita"-touch to it and I think that's very cool!

Here my inspiration/theme was old school lolita and classic lolita colours

Here my inspiration was my old coord on the picture above

Here my inspiration was a character from Sailor Moon

My inspiration to this coord was the dress to the right 
The dress to the right is my new dream dress and obviously I don't own that dress, otherwise I would have just wore that one! xD But now I just had this in mind and tried to recreate the color sheme and the romantic feeling it gives me using other garments in my wardrobe!

So now you know more about how I think when I make my coords! I hope it makes sence and if you have any opinions, thoughts or questions, feel free to leave a comment! 

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