Hello Kitty plush

Got this from Bella. <3

candy pony

Soon to be necklaces made of polymer clay.


Finally finished this dress today!


Yesterday mom came home with a little paper bag, containing this!
How thoughtful! ♥

Visiting Josefin

Yesterday I went to visit Josefin!

She lives with her family in the countryside.
They have about 40 ponies, 2 horses, 9 cats (and 3 are kittens!), 1 dog, 15 guinea pigs... Ehm... 3 bunnies and I think they have a hamster too!

We went and played with the ponies, omg they were so cute!

Here are two of the kittens, this perticular one was the wildest and became my personal favorite! Haha a crazy little fluff ball! XD

Oh, my.
I said to Josefin that I will come and live there over the summers! >8D


Omg, gief! *________*

Baking spoons

I've bought new baking spoons, aren't they lovely?

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