The first manga i read was tokyo mew mew!
Now I and two other girs want to cosplay them, but we want at least two more girls to join us!

This is the main characters from the first 7 books

But there are two more!
The one to the left is a character made for the playstation game,
and the one to the right is a character who presents in the two follow-ups

2007 - 2010

The Sims 2 Music Video

I love the Sims 2, and a long time ago I found that some people had used it to make music videos!

The videos that I loved the most was "where the vild rosed grow" and "rock me amadeus" but when i serched for them today, I found that they had been removed.

Anyway, I do not like Lady Gaga, but this video (made with the sims 2) Is legen... wait for it... -DARY!

Lolita trousers

Yesterday was the first day of school, this term we're supposed to sew trousers.
I don't use trousers!
How can I get motivativated to sew something I won't wear?!

The answer is finding a type of trousers that I at least can consider to use!

... And this is what I found, salopettes, lolita salopettes!

But I'm not sure whether my teacher will approve, since it has no zipper. >_< Blargh!

Autumn is Closing in

Yes, autumn is closing in. To be honest I don't mind, the fresh cold air and the damp woods makes me long for walks in the nature whith my mom, wearing my beloved beret.

I'm thinking about buying a new coat, doesn't these ones look beautiful?
(I'd never tought that I could be so fond of red! o_o)

I think it would look lovely with the shoes I ordered, and FYI, I did choose the brown ones! :D


Today I got dressed, about same outfit as the pic i posted yesterday, but I borrowed (without permission) my moms cardigan since the amount of red in my closet is very small.

I got to town, to spend the day with Josefin!
We each got a pear soda at Cup of love, It's a quite new café and Ive never been there before.
It was absolutely lovely! There was a really small upper floor, both small and with a really low ceiling, although both I and Josefin could stand up staight, with a margin. (We're both about 160 cm >_<) The place was decorated OTT with cupcakes! ♥

Strawberry dress

Haha I'm getting a bit into country lolita, OMG I'd never tought this would happen to me! XD

I finished this dress yesterday, and as you might see it's a bit country~~

Mingling at "woodstock"

It's almost a month ago, but accept for this video I haven't mentioned "woodstock" at all!

I found this photo of me and some of my friends on their facebook profile.

Adventures with Lovisa!

Here, a few pics from Lovisas visit. <3

I drove to the railway station, Lovisa told me that she got quite a shock seeing me behind the steering wheel! (Haha, I'm doing a bit of driver's license practice, and the way to the station is a very good road to preform that kind of practice!)
Anyway, when we got home we started making shoulder bags that we were going to wear at the mini-lolita-meet on wednesday! The horse bag is mine and the rag doll bag is Lovisas!


We went to town, bought a lof of fabric and old curtains to transform into lolita clothing! I also bought a tiara, and lovisa a dress and knee high socks~~

I'm borrowing a bunny for a couple of weeks, and in the evening we went to get him.

Here's Lovisa holding him, isn't he just too cute? All grey accept for his head, wich is all white and fluffy! ♥

The town where I live isn't a very big one, and here in the northen part of sweden the towns lay a bit more far away from each other than in the southern parts.
Of this there's not many other lolitas around, so when Lovisa was here I took the chance to arrange a mini-lolita-meet whit her, a girl I got to know only a few moths ago and a girl I got in touch with only two days earlier!

Here we are! Josefin, Lovisa, I and Maria!

We went to an island, not bigger than my bedroom, and had a little picnic!

Todays outfit!
Me and Lovisa dressed up in our dreses from metamorphose, after comparing them we were joking 'bout that they have to learn to think a little more "outside the box" XD

And that's it. I hope she had a wonderful time, and that I can come to visit her somtime!


My friend Lovisa is on her way to come wisit me right now!
She'll arrive at the railway station tomorrow morning, and I'll be waiting! *___*

She will stay for 4 days, and I promise to upload lots of pics from her visit here!

What color shoes should I buy?

I've been thinking about ordering some shoes, but I really can't decide on a color! Help!

Which ones is the prettiest?
Or which ones do you think would suit me best?


My new glasses has finally arrived!
I've had bad vision ever since I was little, but nowadays I usually wear lenses.

And yes, haha, they are circular!
What do you think 'bout em? :3


This weekend I stayed at my friend Julias summer house near Lycksele.
One day we went to the zoo!

These litte piggys were just too cute! Omg!

And we also got stuck in front of a pair of these small foxes, who stuck out their noses and licked our fingers! XD

Everyone that knows me, must also know that I currently have a bit of an obsession with goats! XD So, it comes as no surprise that we stayed at the goats longer than anywhere else! XD

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