first ever lolita meet in Sundsvall

This weekend I arranged a lolita meet-up in Sundsvall!
We were 5 girls who attended a lovely little café that specializes in chocolate~~

We were all too busy to take pictures, but I got one at least.
This is Elin and Rachel <3


Yesterday Josefin had a birthday party at my place!
She invited 3 from her class, her sister and her best friend, and one girl I've introduced her to.
So we were 8 people n_n
(though I have a feeling that her classmates didn't... appreciate it?)

This is what I gave her!
I've knitted and crochet them myself. :3

Our crazy OTT cake!
Haha, evertyhing had to be pink since it's Josefins favourite colour! :D

We twinned!
We wore the same socks and headband,
did the same make up and so on... :D

(yes my legs looks like sticks in every picture D: )


Oh my, oh my! I'm so happy!
Mom ordered this for me! ♥

Jossie ♥

My best friend in the world turned 18 today!
Congrats hun! <3 I love you! :3

french braids

I've recently noticed that my hair is actually getting quite long!

Last week I began to practice french braids on myself
(Haha I had tried it on others like 3 times, but hey, why make it easy? XD)

and I think I've got the hang of it now!

Dream dress no. 1

Two weeks ago I bought the OTKs that belongs to my >no. 1 dream dress< and in my no 1 priority color!
Last week, this >no. 1 dream dress< showed up on auction, exactly the colour and cut I've been searching for.
Guess what?

Oh, how I long for you to arrive at my doorstep.
Sugary Carnival pink OP <3

Last minute halloween party

Yesterday I attended the third and final halloween party this year!
I was dressed as a ballerina, I think this one picture is a good summary of the night.


Josefin and I spent saturday night making preparations like cookies and spooky ice cubes~~
Here's some of mine!

Carving the pumpkin, eww. XD

Me, at first...

Then we had a blood fight! Which means that we threw fake blood at each other, it was crazy haha since it was mostly syrup it was very sweet and really sticky! >_<


Then we went "trick or treat-ing" haha we got really varied reactions from the people who opened. Several seemed to think that halloween was saturday. Blargh, well check the date up then!

Me and Bells, hun ;*


Sweet dreams everybody, hope you had one as awesome halloween as I had!

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