UppCon day 2

10:00 lolita meet-up! :D
I think we ended up 10 lolitas. (not at all as many as there were at uppcon, but I guess it was a bit early for some n_n)
We went to buy ice cream at a café by the river!
I bought two scoops, melon and candy cane. My favourites ♥

When we got back we found that they had started selling cotton candy outside the convention area! Omg, instant buy! :D

One of the really few things I bought at uppcon was a Gloomy plush. (Gloomy is a man eating pink bear) Haha, the salesmen ran all over the place trying to find one that I liked XD
He is really cuddly ♥
This is the only related pic I've got... XD

18:00 Cosplay.
Truly brilliant. Here's the middle act.
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