regular ordinary swedish meal time

Have any of you seen regular ordinary swedish meal time?
My boyfriend and I met hit when we were out on a thai restaurant, epic! 
I poked my boyfriend when I saw him coming through the door and asked
- isn't that him... He from youtube? O_O
my boyfriend slowly stod up and peeked  
- yes it is! O_O
- What are we gonna do?! Should we walk up to him?
-Should we? *trembling* You do it! 
- What should I say?! *trembling*
but then I just stod up and walked up to him.
- is it you who cook brutally?
- yes. 
- can I get a hug? *__*
and then I got a hug and ran back to our table XD
Then I took my boyfriend by the hand and my camera and walked up to him again and asked if we could get a picture, haha! He said yes and his friend took the photo XD

He is really tall... O_O






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